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On September10, 2019 the Government of Canada and the Métis Nation signed an agreement, wherein the government of Canada apologized for failing to compensate Métis Veterans for pre and post war experiences during Canada’s greatest participation in WWII. It established a program fund of $30M to compensate Veterans and to commemorative the roles of Métis Veterans in defending Canada in both wars, to be established in communities across Canada.

The Métis Nation Veterans Recognition Program has two objectives. They are:
To recognize, through $20,000 individual recognition payments, Second World War Métis Veteran’s pre- and post-war experiences that may have negatively impacted their demobilization success; and To support commemorative initiatives that promote awareness and appreciation of Métis Veterans’ sacrifices and contributions to the Métis people as well as the general Canadian public.

The Métis Nation, through the Métis National Council and its governing members, will be
providing one-time payments of $20,000 to Métis Veterans of WWII.

Time is running out. The time it took asking for recognition and an apology from the government has taken away from the time to give many veterans recognition. Now that an apology and compensation is in place, we are fighting the clock to find those veterans who might still be alive.

Over the next year and a half, the Métis Nation, through the Métis National Council and its five governing members, will seeking out families, especially those families who have a living family member who fought in WWII. However, time is running out to provide compensation to assist Métis Veterans who are reaching the end of their lives. We need to speak to these veterans as soon as possible.

We cannot compensate those WWI Veterans as all have passed, but we would like to speak with
those veterans of WWII who are still alive. We are looking for these veterans first and foremost.

We ask surviving veterans, or families of surviving veterans to contact the Métis National Council at Tel:  (613) 232-3216, Toll Free: (800) 928-6330 or email

In the near future, the Métis Nation, through its governing members and with the NWT,
will be engaging veterans’ communities and Métis communities to determine
commemorating the role Métis Veterans played in fighting for this country and maintaining its democracy. After we exhaust and identify as many Métis Veterans in the next year, we will also identify commemorative spots across the country that recognize the role and sacrifice of Métis Veterans.


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